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Of artistic heritage and upbringing, Roberto Pellecchia was born in a family counting four generations of artists and displayed a passion for art since childhood.

He collected the first award at age 9 for a tempera painting on canvas called ‘Maternity’.


He completed his fine art education in Italy and made Southern California his home in 1985.

Roberto composes scenes evoking emotions to represent meaningful moments frozen in time .

His portraits resemble the styles of classic paintings to be treasured as timeless icons by the model’s family.


Following a trail of commissions, he began working on large installations in the mid nineties. With the assistance of art students and local artists, Roberto produced large size oil paintings on canvas and Italian style frescoes.

Some of the most distinctive installations are found within private residences; commercial properties and churches.


Roberto's paintings are displayed in local galleries and at private events.

He enjoys the creative process of working on commissions just as much as working on his own paintings.

His work has been featured on HGTV; CNN Southern California and U-Tube. As well as in fine publications such as:

South Coast Magazine; California Homes; Laguna Lifestyle Magazine; Home Entertainment Magazine; Westlake Magazine; Luxe Magazine; Art Highlights Magazine and Distinctive Homes.

"Each painting, either commission or artist's creation, starts with a conceptual drawing. Once refined, the drawing is sized and repeated on canvas to be painted in all details."

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